Leveregler til et lykkeligt liv

Fandt denne smukke tekst på sitet www.mindbodygreen.com, som er en inspirerende portal, hvis du interesserer dig for sundhed og selvudvikling. Du kan også følge dem på facebook. Denne artikel vandt særlig genklang hos mig:
1. Don’t hold on to life too tightly.
You never know what the day might hold. Each moment is passing. Savor the moment to the fullest, then let it go. Recognize the impermanence of all things and as such, embrace and release. Be graceful when you let go. Strive to see the wonder of the moment – no matter what the scenario. It is not yours to understand, but rather, to behold.
2. Don’t be afraid. 
Fear will suck the life right out of you if you let it. It will rule you. It will ruin you. Rise above it. Do whatever it takes to manage your fear. Most often, giving your fear words will reduce its power. You shine light on fear when you voice it. It can't maintain a grip on you that way. Find someone you can talk to and share your fears. Don't keep them hidden. They grow in the dark.
3. Let your loved ones be; love them anyway. 
You aren’t always going to understand every choice the people in your life make. You aren’t meant to. There's so much freedom in understanding that your loved ones just want to feel connection and worthiness – just like you. Even if you don't understand, agree with or approve of their choices, they still just want to be loved. Let go of the need to control, be right, or understand. Just love. Be love. Embody love. Uphold love. Share love. Love.
4. You be you. Love you anyway. 
Don’t hold back. Don’t be afraid to shine. Even if your instincts are leading you somewhere or to something you’ve never heard of, imagined or fathomed before. Go there anyway. Cater to your creative whims and desires. Nurture them. Nurture you. Find whatever it is that sparks your soul and own it. Ride it like there is no tomorrow. Life is too short to live any other way.
5. Accept and soften.
Acceptance is the way. It’s difficult. Do it anyway. Don’t fight. Don’t hit. Don’t annihilate. Just soften. Can you do that? Can you let yourself not be perfect? Can you understand that you're right where you're supposed to be at this moment? Can you find the gift in it? Give yourself the gift of understanding this truth: You are a magnificent creature of the Universe. Brilliant. Shiny. Bright. Perfectly imperfect. Be kind to yourself and know that everything is exactly as it should be. Soften into that truth.
6. Be humble. 
You are not better than others. They are not better than you. Know when to back down and when to bow out. Know when to stand up for your beliefs. Don’t be afraid to apologize. Don’t be afraid to fight. It’s a balance. Feel your way through. What you feel matters. Trust yourself in your humility. Stay connected to your motives and intentions. That’s where the wisdom lies.
7. Live passionately. 
Live your dream. Go for it. Without apology and with gusto. Laugh loudly. Love strongly. Learn the ability to balance. Relaxation and effort. Passion and ease. Integrity and compassion. Strength and flexibility. Life is yours to savor. Make it so. Don’t forget to have fun along the way. Yes, work is brilliant. So is joy. Joy is where your expansion happens. Joy.

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